Cricut Explore Air Reviews 2017

Cricut Explore One, Cricut Explore Air, Cricut Explore Air 2

Hello dear, welcome everyone to see cricut explore air reviews 2017 to my site. I reviewed the best cricut explore ever in my life, which is up to 2x faster. Which cricut explore can give you the best performance up to 2x faster and that is the best cricut explore on the market Now I am telling you about this cricut explore in details. If you are looking for buy a superb cricut explore and not understanding which is the best cricut explore among explorers around you, then you can read the cricut explore buying guide. After reading the guide it will fix your confusion and you will able to decide about the exact cricut explore before your purchase.

What is the Cricut Explore ?

Cricut explore is an electronic cutting system by which you will able to create complete DIY projects and crafts. The machine blends with cricut design space and your own made design space. It's included with free online design software by which you can design from anywhere by any smart device like a laptop, personal computer, android, iPad tablet or iPhone. If you can't design there is no problem on online and on cricut library you will get huge free and paid design on cricut design space. You can also upload your own images or design for free. You can make design and gift it your near and dears. Click to know more about What is Cricut.

What is the Cricut Explore for ?

When you are able to show your creativity then why are you stop? you can create birthday gift card, home decoration, holiday decorations, banners, card making, wedding gifts, favors, monogram, DIY jewelry for dress, t-shirts even for shoes. Cricut explore will cut your design and cut ultimate precision of your projects. So this is for exploring creation. Learn more about How Does Cricut Work.

Different types of Cricut Explore ?

Different type means there is three type cricut explore available in market. Cricut Explore One is the first what launched on market then launched Cricut Explore Air and finally launched Cricut Explore Air 2. And Cricut Explore Air 2 is the latest version of cricut explore.

Cricut Explore Air 2

We Recommend Cricut Explore Air 2

One cricut explore for everything, writing, the most precise cutting, easily design, scoring technology, wireless via bluetooth.

Nowadays everybody should buy a cricut explore because it is very helpful plus too much easy to use. It can cut 100+ different materials at a short time. You also can upload your own designs for free in your projects. Anytime and anywhere you can design by your personal computer, laptop, android, iPhone or iPad. It is also cloud based free and software is also easy to edit, customize and preview your projects. Wireless is special features of cricut explore and by wireless you will able to writing, cutting and scoring with built-in Bluetooth. At the final step when you will print your projects you will able to cut any pattern swiftly as you wish.

Cricut Explore One

The best value in DIY

Good for buy

  • Cuts 100+ materials
  • Not Embedded Bluetooth® for wireless cutting
  • 1st & Backdated Version

Cricut Explore Air

Flexible and convenient

Better for buy

  • Cuts 100+ materials
  • Embedded Bluetooth® for wireless cutting
  • Second, Better & Fast Version but not fast like the latest version Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cut and write up to 2x faster

Best for buy

  • Cuts 100+ materials
  • Embedded Bluetooth® for wireless cutting
  • Up to 2X Faster
  • Latest & Best Version
  • Best look and Best Performance

How To Choose thе exact Cricut Explore ?

You have already known there is three types cricut explore available but you are looking for cricut explore air. You will buy only one and that's why I am going to tell you to see the comparison table because I told you that I have seen up to 2x faster and I think cricut explore air 2 is better version of cricut explore air. There you will be clear that Cricut Explore Air is updated with some new feature. Faster, most precise cuts, looks, easy material selection and settings, easy to use, compatibility is the speciality of the best cricut explore. Official Site reviews are the best source of knowledge and trust cause their has huge honest review.

How to first set up & use an Cricut Explore ?

No settings required for use cricut explore. You will get a getting started guide on Official Site. Where you can learn first to last. You also can see Video Tutorial that I provided here to help you. To see Click Here. Android app will help you for cricut design space. Fonts, software, cricut drivers everything you will get in bundle when cricut explore will on your hand.

Have any Warranty and Customer Service ?

After buying the product if it does not meet your satisfaction then you can get Warranty and Customer Service as Official Site Returns & Replacements policy. Before buying the product you must read the Official Site terms and policy to be clear.

What makes it different from other programs ?

There has few different electronic cutting system available in market. Cricut explore can cut most precisely, faster with wireless. Best carriage, cuts different materials, compatible, cut and write in 1 step, use of own fonts, flexible and easy to use are another specialty of cricut explore what makes it different from other programs. All accessories also available anytime on Official Site. So there is no tension about its any accessories like cartridge, blade, cutter etc. To buy any accessories just Click Here.

Always I update my reviews once a product launch in the market with new features. Therefore, you can honestly depend on my words. Always depending blindly is not good at all and that’s why I will recommend you to read customer reviews from Official Site. User review is given below which will help you to choose best cricut explore.

Cricut Explore One

Cricut explore one is first creation of cricut explore. Bluetooth for wireless cutting Separate purchase required. It also not able to cut precisely. Cut and write in 1 step is not possible and that's why for 2 steps separate purchase required. It is not perfect for work. To show your creativity you have to choose better one from below.

50 %
User Rating

Cricut Explore Air

Cricut explore air is next creation after cricut explore one. Bluetooth is Embedded for wireless cutting. It cut's precisely. Cut and write in 1 step. It work better than cricut explore one but it is not too much faster than cricut explore air 2. To know about cricut explore air 2 read below.

75 %
User Rating

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut explore air 2 is the latest creation after cricut explore air and best electronic cutting machine for DIY projects. It is also Bluetooth Embedded for wireless. Compatible for work with it, it is 2x faster than cricut explore air. No other machine is faster than it and it is the best precise cutter. This is perfect to buy and show your creativity.

100 %
User Rating

Final Words

Overall, it is true that there has not big different between cricut explore air and cricut explore air 2 price but you do not want to buy both as you don't want to waste your money. Therefore, be a little bit careful in your 1st purchase. So that you are dust free at least a few years. If you want to show your creativity with a small budget then there is no alternative of cricut explore air but if you able to add few dollar then you can buy cricut explore air 2 cause it is more faster, more comfortable with latest design and it is able to add more value in your creativity. It's my opinion, choice is yours.