What is Cricut ?

Do you consider yourself creative ? but just don’t have the time to make things. Do you see amazing projects online and think right like I have the time to make those. Well, now you can. I’m Brittany and today I’m going to show you how easy it is to bring DIY projects to life with the Cricut explore. Cricut what’s a cricut ? cricket is an easy to use design and cut system it’s kind of like a printer that cuts and it comes with free online design software. So you can custom design just about anything like party decorations, home decor, cards like a pro. So even if you have never done your own DIY projects before cricut lets you create and personalized professional looking projects your very first day in just minutes. The best part of using cricut is that you don’t have to be crafty all you need is an idea. Because cricut does all the work for you. So why settle for ordinary store bought items ? when you can put your own personal stamp on just about anything honestly folks we’re talking unless possibilities. You can make invitations banners vinyl wall decals and pillows or you can even make your own custom t-shirts and so much more during the holidays. Make your guests feel special with personalized table settings menus monogrammed napkins. Even decorated wine glasses or you can DIY your wedding without breaking the bank with beautiful custom touches short. While your guests the Cricut explore is so easy to use that your whole family can join in on the fun. you can use your Cricut everyday to spruce up your world. The DIY possibilities are endless so stick around because you’re about to experience the magic the beauty. The sheer joy of making and giving all kinds of creative projects and before you know it you two will be saying made it.