How Does Cricut Work ?

Let’s see how easy it (cricut) is to use. I like to say that cricket projects are as easy as just click, cut and done. When you get your purchased Cricut explore you will be up and running in just a few minutes. It comes with almost everything you need to get started. So even if you have never did wide now you can meet your latest new best friend. Let’s get started by doing a custom card with cuts. So intricate you would never be able to cut your way out of this one. Let’s first pick a card from the many make it now projects at cricket offers. I think I would like to have something natural. So that I can just write a note to a friend any old day of the week. Look at this plaid one let’s make that on the screen. It shows you a description the materials you’ll need and how to assemble many projects can be completed in minutes. So for this project, we need two sheets of cardstock. I am going to pick burgundy and cream your machine and screen will guide you through the whole process. So we are going to place this burgundy cardstock on the maps. It is sticky so the material stays in place for precise cuts all you do is press the load button on the machine and it pulls in the mat this smart set dial sets. The machine for the material you want to cut there’s paper cardstock vinyl fabric or even custom which. Lets you select from 60 more materials so let’s set it to cardstock. Because that’s what we’re using now you press go and the cricut will do all the cutting for you. When the crickets done doing all the hard work for you all you do is hit the unload button and you will have a beautiful custom-made card. Everyone will love to check this out these cuts are so intricate. I could have never done that by myself it really is as easy as click cut and done. You know there’s nothing like that feeling of pride. When you give someone a personalized card and so then you can say yeah I made it.